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The key to a great cookie is the purity of the ingredients. Jennie and Vera have developed cookie recipes that capture the remarkably true tastes of the quality ingredients used in every cookie recipe. One of the joys Jennie and Vera have in baking their cookies is knowing the smiles they put on people’s faces once they have eaten one of their delicious cookies. The care and passion for delivering quality cookies starts with the very best ingredients – no exceptions. Jennie and Vera’s on-line on-demand cookie boutique offers cookies made with a level of excellence only found through using the finest ingredients that “raise the cookie bar” to match their high expectations for all their cookie products.

Why do people pay up to $2.50 for a Jennie and Vera’s cookie? Simply, the quality ingredients Jennie and Vera source world-wide, which include but are not limited to European chocolates and cocoa, jams and marmalades from Italy and France, imported spices and liqueurs from Europe, dried sweet cherries from Michigan, and the world’s most expensive vanilla from Madagascar. Jennie and Vera use organic products when they can to create their one-of-a-kind cookies that are sure to impress the hard to impress.

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