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Business Gifts

Cookies Capture Imaginations and Build Relationships

Cookies tell stories and open our imagination to explore flavors and cultures, creating a new means for building relationships. Take the time to say “thank you” to your employees, customers, and suppliers simply, and yet elegantly, with an unforgettable gift of Jennie and Vera’s Cookies. No matter what the reason for giving, Jennie and Vera will bake every cookie to please even the most discerning individuals—including you.

Client Gifts

For the people whose business has made you a success, give special thanks they’ll remember forever. With national corporate clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Jennie and Vera’s Cookies is the option of choice when it comes to treating and rewarding your clients and associates to the very finest cookie luxury offered.

Giving Thanks and Recognition with Style

Recognize your employees for completing quality work with a gift of quality-made cookies by Jennie and Vera... how doubly wonderful! You’ll cause a flurry of excitement and anticipation with the delivery of these delicious bites of sweetness for business milestones such as promotions, loyalty, and driving best practices. Monthly employee rewards programs can be designed to meet your business needs, and you will pay less than you would if you ordered these same gifts separately. Quality combined with value... what vice president could argue with that? Click here to contact us to discuss employee recognition programs that can be customized for your department or company’s needs.

Leave the Cookie Details to Jennie and Vera

Delegate your cookie details to Jennie and Vera. They will create business cookie solutions that will stand above the crowd and promise to deliver a memorable experience. Whether it is for a holiday, customer appreciation, employee recognition, or marketing promotion, Jennie and Vera’s Cookies is the most delicious way to express your gratitude for any or no occasion. It is the best business gift—think standard of excellence, with a cookie twist. Each cookie package makes a positive impression on the people you do business with—or would like to.

Join others who love to receive Jennie and Vera’s Cookies. Select from the Cookie Gallery, Cookie Couture Collection or click here to contact us to design a custom business gift solution.

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