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About Jennie and Vera

Jennie Näss and Vera Mirkovic are a mother and daughter team whose cooking inspiration from family, friends, and old and new traditions alike has transformed itself into an extraordinary cookie venture. Each cookie delicacy offered has a story behind it, a history that makes it unique.

In 2005 Jennie embraced change by leaving behind her corporate role in managing real estate projects for Fortune 500 companies. She slowed down enough to develop a business plan with her mother, Vera, structured around baking and selling simply elegant, hand-detailed cookies. Born in Italy, Jennie was always intrigued by the traditions of family back home, yet found a way to enhance the handed-down baking practices from generation to generation with her modern miesian approach to life.

Vera was born and raised in Istria, Croatia. After immigrating to the United States, she owned two restaurants: Vera's Place in Skokie, Illinois, and Vera's Coffee House, in Glenview, Illinois. Vera utilizes her baking experience from Europe to create her cookie sensations. She will accept nothing less than the premium quality that comes from using only the simplest, finest ingredients — pure ingredients, just like she used when she was growing up. Her work ethic, combined with a brand overflowing with quality, and Vera's "guts" has attributed to her her success in such a creative endeavor. Specialty baking enables Vera to use her background and personality to create cookies that occupy a new benchmark for taste unlike anything found in typical store-bought, mass-produced sweets.

Enthusiasm, passion and contagious energy have kept Jennie and Vera persevering. They have been inspired to create products with understated elegance. Jennie and Vera's uncomplicated scratch-based cookies are naturally the extension of themselves and the traditions that are precious to them. They hand make all their gourmet cookies in small batches to ensure freshness and excellence. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients. Only the very best ingredients to create the very best cookies.

All of Jennie and Vera's clientele, whether urbanites, city dwellers, small businesses and corporations or international superstars are concerned with quality...customers who have progressed beyond the mass-produced cookies. Their marketing philosophy and brand projects a clear message: the simple pleasure of distinct quality taste and excellent customer service is their focus.

Cookies open minds to tell stories. Each of Jennie and Vera's cookie tells a story – past, present, and future – about love, family, traditions, and the trusted friendships in our lives. Their distinctive gourmet tastes become the medium to explore the story and bring vision to a memory. They are an inspiration, and just savoring them may lead to something completely unexpected.

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