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Pass the Ketchup, Hold the Jargonese Please

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Before Jennie and Vera's Cookies, Jennie Näss was in the thick of the corporate world, and knows this about Jargon Junkies: the world is full of them. These people are addicted to using jargon language that is either incomprehensible or simply inappropriate for the situation or relationship. Whether you are a parent using corporate lingo with your children, or simply having a hard time understanding the terms used by children today, it is important to learn how to sober up and start using plain English.

As a recovering jargonholic herself, Jennie Näss shares her story of having kicked the jargonese habit and claimed victory for being jargon-clean with her family and friends since 2005. Learning to communicate effectively in all situations is vital, and requires modifying language to fit the audience. This hands-on guide offers a 12-step program to clean up jargon addiction, and encourages families to put these new jargon-free exercises into practice as soon as possible. Pass the Ketchup, Hold the Jargonese Please is a bold way to take back simple conversation with family and friends. Get on the plain English wagon and lose the need for jargon in everyday language.

140 pages (paperback)
Pass the Ketchup, Hold the Jargonese Please

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