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The on-line cookie experience where
you'll find baked-to-order confections prepared with care and passion, by
Jennie and Vera.

Exclusive Cookie Company for the 2009 Academy Awards® and GRAMMY® Awards.
Sample cookies from the red carpet in the Red Carpet Cookie Collection
Snack of the Day on the Rachael Ray Show
Bring home a batch of Rachael's pick: the Jen Ultimate Oatmeal Cherry Cookies and nibble along with a mug of spiced cider!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Jennie and Vera’s Cookies.

The key to a delectable cookie is the purity of its ingredients. The key to an overall cookie “WOW!” experience is receiving Jennie and Vera’s Cookies, taking and savoring each Simply Delicious bite.

We’re sure that you’ll be completely satisfied by the focus and committment that have helped Jennie and Vera take their “Mom and Daughter cookie bakeoffs” from years past to a whole new level today.

Imagine the comforting “taste of home” packaged as a precious gift.

Jennie and Vera’s Cookies are wrapped personally by Jennie and Vera in so simply elegant white boxes. Tied beautifully with a black or white grosgrain ribbon, each package always includes a special handwritten note from Jennie and Vera, giving thanks and appreciation for your business. When you open their signature elegant white box you can’t help but feel special, as it leaves a lasting impression of taste, grace and classic style.

Jennie and Vera’s Cookies are baked on-demand and free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Jennie and Vera are committed to using organic ingredients whenever possible. For this reason, most of Jennie and Vera’s Cookies should be consumed within 30 days of receiving the package.

Embrace a taste sensation that will increase your appreciation for the simple, quality “cookie things” in life.

We hope that your visit to our on-line store is a sweet one.

Simply Enjoy—
Jennie and Vera


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